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Charcoal SpecialtiesCharcoal Specialties
31 Jan.
Making specialties using charcoal is a real art form. In order for meat and fish to become tender and delicious when grilled on charcoal, some subtleties must be followed....
Homemade Canadian SpecialtiesHomemade Canadian Specialties
05 June
Canadian cuisine is a blend of flavors and aromas that are characteristic of European cuisine but there is a number of purely Canadian specialties....
Quick Mince SpecialtiesQuick Mince Specialties
03 May
With mince, we can prepare delicious dishes that are very fast and will not take up valuable time that you can devote to loved ones or yourself. Lazy cabbage is readily prepared and very tasty. Ingredients: 500 g minced...
Specialties from Portuguese CuisineSpecialties from Portuguese Cuisine
24 Apr.
Portugal is a country of heirs to great explorers and seafarers. Its modern day cuisine was formed, on one hand, by invaders, i.e. the Romans and Arabs and on the other - by exotic spices brought back from journeys made...
Flavorful Specialties with SalviaFlavorful Specialties with Salvia
16 Apr.
The culinary use of salvia or garden sage guarantees a remarkable flavor, freshness and enrichment of nutrients to your dishes. Let us offer you 2 recipes with salvia - both contain meat and turn out incredibly juicy...
Specialties from Hungarian CuisineSpecialties from Hungarian Cuisine
28 Jan.
Meat, thick sauces and a spicy taste dominate Hungarian cuisine - uncharacteristic of neighboring and European peoples. This is due to the established habits of the ancestors of the Hungarians - the nomad tribe of the...
Specialties from Polish CuisineSpecialties from Polish Cuisine
19 Dec.
Polish cuisine presents a unique combination of the culinary traditions of the various nationalities, that have lived in this country for centuries - Hebrews, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Lithuanians. Beside them, we see...
Three Irresistible Specialties with MinceThree Irresistible Specialties with Mince
02 Oct.
But with mince you can prepare many other specialties - here are 3 of the most intriguing: Stuffed Apples with Pork Mince Ingredients: 8 apples, 8 oz spiced pork mince, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 4 tbsp butter,...
Three Irresistible Specialties with ZucchiniThree Irresistible Specialties with Zucchini
02 Sept.
Zucchini are the ideal choice for a light dinner or appetizer. Let us offer you 3 remarkably delicious and easy recipes with zucchini. The 1st is for stuffed zucchini with walnuts and garlic - they turn out...
Popular Specialties from Israeli CuisinePopular Specialties from Israeli Cuisine
06 Jan.
One of the most popular Israeli specialties for eating on the go are falafel and shawarma....
Ideas for Fall Dishes and SpecialtiesIdeas for Fall Dishes and Specialties
30 Sept.
Pumpkin specialties are not only tasty but very healthy, for they fuel the body with important nutrients....
The Most Popular Specialties from Turkish CuisineThe Most Popular Specialties from Turkish Cuisine
24 Jan.
Turkish cuisine is exotic for many people and Turkish dishes enjoy supreme popularity. The entire selection of Turkish soups can be divided into a few main groups. These are meat soups with added vegetables, ...
The Most Popular Specialties from Italian CuisineThe Most Popular Specialties from Italian Cuisine
20 Jan.
Even back in the time of ancient Rome, the Italians have been praised as culinary experts. Since antiquity, the preference for cooking meat whole has been preserved in the culinary traditions of what is now Italy....

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