Mahlab is a common Arabic spice, distinguished by a taste that melds almond and cherry nuances. The culinary properties of mahlab are valued predominately in Arabic, Turkish, Syrian, Greek and Armenian cuisine.



All about spices, what they are useful for and when to use them. Learn about the uses of spices in international cuisine. The spices we use everyday have curative properties.
Spices - Star AniseSpices

Star Anise


Star anise or Chinese star anise is the fruit of the evergreen tree Illicium verum. Ground star anise is used in recipes for sweets, baked goods, jams, jellies, compotes.

Spices - White PepperSpices

White Pepper


White pepper is obtained from the fruits of Piper nigrum when the peppercorns ripen completely. White pepper is especially recommended for people who suffer from loss of appetite, since it stimulates appetite and improves gastrointestinal function.

Spices - Wild Garlic - RamsonsSpices

Wild Garlic - Ramsons


Wild Garlic / Allium Ursinum /, also known by the name ramsons, is a perennial herb of the Amaryllidaceae family. Wild garlic boosts cardiac contractions and slows the heart rate.

Spices - Black CuminSpices

Black Cumin


Black Cumin, Nigella Sativa, is a legendary plant that comes from the East. Black cumin oil contains over 100 active ingredients. Benefits of black cumin.

Spices - Sesame SeedsSpices

Sesame Seeds


Sesame seed is one of the favorite spices of people for thousands of years. Selection and storage of sesame seeds.

Spices - Poppy SeedSpices

Poppy Seed


Poppy seeds - composition, storage, selection. Culinary use of poppy seeds. We tend to use poppy seeds in different bakeries - bread, cakes, biscuits.

Spices - LovageSpices



Lovage’s homeland is in Central Asia and Europe. Lovage leaves, fresh or dried, are indispensable seasoning for fish soup. Health Benefits of lovage.

Spices - MarjoramSpices



Majoram is also known by its Latin name Origanium hortensis. Majoram is one of the classic condiment for fried liver. Majoram has wide application.

Spices - RosemarySpices



Rosemary is an evergreen semi-shrub. Rosemary has a strong sweet scent of camphor. Rosemary grows best in a sunny and warm place.