Spices for Potatoes

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Spices that make Potatoes IrresistibleSpices that make Potatoes Irresistible
01 May
Potatoes are much loved and are often present on our tables. We can cook potatoes in diverse ways, add them to soup, spicy dishes and salads....
Three Nonstandard Potato Salad RecipesThree Nonstandard Potato Salad Recipes
25 Nov.
Briefly heat the remaining vinegar and all of the other spices, then pour this mixture over the prepared potato salad....
The Perfect Summer Potato Salad in 10 StepsThe Perfect Summer Potato Salad in 10 Steps
01 June
There is no shortage of ways to prepare a delicious potato salad. You can combine the potatoes with all sorts of vegetables or herbs and spices....
Fast and Easy Recipes with PotatoesFast and Easy Recipes with Potatoes
25 Apr.
Add all the spices and then put the potatoes in. Cover the top with a lid and let it boil for an hour. Another beloved vegetarian dish with potato sits here....
Which Herbs and Spices Complement Which Products?Which Herbs and Spices Complement Which Products?
07 June
parsley; Peas - dill; Potatoes - basil, parsley, bay leaf; Tomatoes - basil, thyme, parsley; Preserving the aroma of various herbs and spices begins with their drying....
Suitable Seasoning for ChickenSuitable Seasoning for Chicken
27 Nov.
Suitable for chicken, fish, game, rice foods and potatoes, dishes with cabbage, carrots and tomatoes, as well as for many pastry dishes. Oregano....
Delicious Rosemary-Flavored DishesDelicious Rosemary-Flavored Dishes
04 Apr.
In general, we can't say whether it is a suitable spice for sweet or salty dishes, because it can be found in both types of recipes. Its flavor is suitable for seasoning potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes....
Culinary Use of HyssopCulinary Use of Hyssop
18 Mar.
Today, it is used as a spice for dishes and soups with meat, sauces and salads. Hyssop can be utilized fresh, as well as dried, for bean and potato soups, meat pâtés, cheeses, cottage cheese....
Asafoetida Seasons Lentils and Rice PerfectlyAsafoetida Seasons Lentils and Rice Perfectly
18 Dec.
Another idea for using asafoetida is adding it when cooking vegetables such as potatoes, cauliflower and cabbage. It successfully seasons buckwheat, rice and practically any cooked dish....
Suitable Seasoning for PorkSuitable Seasoning for Pork
07 May
- Celery - very useful spice that perfectly complements the taste of pork, especially if you decide to cook with potatoes....
Salty Treats with Cream CheeseSalty Treats with Cream Cheese
17 Dec.
Mix the leeks and sausages with the chopped potatoes and cream cheese, add spices to taste - black pepper, oregano or savory. Fill the hollowed out potato shells and place a piece of butter on top of each....
Three Excellent Garnishes with Fresh PotatoesThree Excellent Garnishes with Fresh Potatoes
02 July
Smear a suitable tray with butter and pour in the potatoes - you can press them carefully with your hand so they crack. Pour oil over them and then the spices. Chop the rosemary and pour it over the potatoes as well....
Flavor your Salads with SpearmintFlavor your Salads with Spearmint
11 Dec.
The spice is well-suited for salads that contain beans or potatoes. Here we are offering you 3 different salads, where spearmint is an indispensable ingredient....