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Is it dangerous to eat excesses of spicy food?Is it dangerous to eat excesses of spicy food?
20 Jan.
You should not be relying too much on spicy food for weight loss, because it can cause serious damage to your stomach lining....
What Foods to Add Cayenne Pepper toWhat Foods to Add Cayenne Pepper to
17 June
It's used to prepare various meat sauces, to flavor foods such as roasted meat on skewers, vegetable dishes, pork and beef....
Foods to Avoid if Suffering from Acid RefluxFoods to Avoid if Suffering from Acid Reflux
17 Apr.
Those suffering from acid reflux must absolutely not consume: - Spicy foods; - Fried foods; - Fatty meats; - Chocolate; - Dairy products; - Tomato sauce; - Orange juice; - Soft drinks; - Milk;...
Which Dishes to Add Cumin toWhich Dishes to Add Cumin to
16 Oct.
It is added to one of the most popular foods there - tacos. In different countries, cumin is combined with different spices, but as already mentioned, it goes well with all of them....
Pregnant Women - Stay Away from TurmericPregnant Women - Stay Away from Turmeric
21 Mar.
Turmeric is mainly used in the ever so flavorful Indian cuisine, but outside of it, it is favored as a cheap substitute for the widely recognized spice saffron, which dyes food a pleasant yellow color....
23 Jan.
The "loss of appetite" is stronger in people who usually do not eat spicy food. Studies show that the reduced cravings for fatty, salty and sugary foods due to the chili are even stronger....
Salvia and how to use itSalvia and how to use it
24 Jan.
Increased intake of sage as a spice in foods is recommended for people with inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and atherosclerosis....
For a Healthy Heart, Eat Chili Peppers to your Heart`s ContentFor a Healthy Heart, Eat Chili Peppers to your Heart`s Content
03 Nov.
Of course, we mustn't overconsume spicy foods either because this can damage our digestive organs. In addition, it's best for people who have stomach problems to avoid spicier foods....
Cities with the Tastiest Street FoodCities with the Tastiest Street Food
08 Jan.
Vendors offer different types of sauces to go with them - from mayonnaise to spicy Brazilian ketchup. Mexico City, Mexico. Street food in Mexico City is incredibly diverse....
Sichuan Pepper - a Spice for Meat and SweetsSichuan Pepper - a Spice for Meat and Sweets
27 May
In China, it is raised on a pedestal; there's even a saying about Sichuan pepper: China is home to good food, while Sichuan is home to good spices....
The Worst Possible Blunders in the KitchenThe Worst Possible Blunders in the Kitchen
11 Sept.
For those who don't like spicy food, the dish won't be at all delicious for them, but what's even worse is if the person who has tasted the chili is allergic to spicy foods....
A Few Myths About DigestionA Few Myths About Digestion
07 Apr.
Myth #1: Spicy foods cause stomach ulcers In truth: A few decades ago it was believed that spicy foods were the main cause of stomach ulcers. Nowadays however, this myth has been proven false....
Why Should We Limit Our Intake of Meat?Why Should We Limit Our Intake of Meat?
15 Apr.
Most health food experts find it crucial to stick to the so-called "food pyramid" method....

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