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Vegetarian GelatinVegetarian Gelatin
12 May
More common in Chinese cuisine, but increasingly found a place in the menu of vegetarians. Agar is a type of algae in the seas of Southeast Asia....
Egyptian Cuisine - a Heaven for Vegetarians!Egyptian Cuisine - a Heaven for Vegetarians!
20 June
Vegetables and Bean Dishes Egyptian cuisine is a heaven for vegetarians, since it's based primarily on the consumption of vegetables. Eating plenty of rice, served with vegetables or meat is common....
Vegetarian Desserts with Carbonated WaterVegetarian Desserts with Carbonated Water
07 May
Examples are the wonderful creations bearing the label vegetarian that are made at home. In fact, vegetarian and vegan recipes are much easier and quicker to prepare....
Vegetarian Sauces for Vegetable DishesVegetarian Sauces for Vegetable Dishes
14 May
Next sauce is suitable for vegetarian patties....
Your Heart Loves VegetarianismYour Heart Loves Vegetarianism
16 Feb.
To sum everything up here, we can say that vegetarians live longer and healthier lives....
Tempeh is a Vegetarian's Meat SubstituteTempeh is a Vegetarian's Meat Substitute
10 Oct.
Just like tofu, tempeh is among the most beloved vegetarian products. Vegetarians and vegans include it in their daily menu....
Flexitarianism - A Flexible Semi-Vegetarian DietFlexitarianism - A Flexible Semi-Vegetarian DietVegetarians do not eat meat. A flexitarian or a semi-vegetarian is not a vegetarian. Many vegetarians strongly oppose the use of the term. So what is a flexible semi-vegetarian diet?...
Idea for a Vegetarian Pizza CalzoneIdea for a Vegetarian Pizza Calzone
28 Sept.
But, like any other pizza, this type can also be prepared vegetarian-style. A vegetarian calzone is suitable for anyone. Besides scrumptious, it's low in calories too....
The Main Types of VegetarianismThe Main Types of Vegetarianism
22 Aug.
Lacto-ovo vegetarian This is the most popular type of vegetarianism and includes the most amount of people....
Why Vegetarianism May be our FutureWhy Vegetarianism May be our Future
30 June
They have been hand-in-hand with campaigns for supporting vegetarianism....
Vegetarian Paradise: Economical and Tasty Meatballs with LeeksVegetarian Paradise: Economical and Tasty Meatballs with Leeks
30 Sept.
Meatballs with white sauce, red sauce, fried, baked, grilled - all adored by young and old. But no matter how much we love a given dish, it starts to get boring over time. Here's why we're going to offer you something...
The Most Appetizing Vegetarian Meatballs you've Ever EatenThe Most Appetizing Vegetarian Meatballs you've Ever Eaten
18 Sept.
Here are 3 superb recipes for vegetarian meatballs....
An Entire 84 Percent of Vegetarians Begin Eating Meat Once AgainAn Entire 84 Percent of Vegetarians Begin Eating Meat Once Again
09 Dec.
Even though 84% of vegetarians begin eating meat once again, 37% of them said that they would become vegetarian once again....