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What can we Replace Ricotta with?

What can we Replace Ricotta with?

Ricotta is a type of fresh cheese, which has been produced in Italy for centuries. It has a slightly grainy structure and a slightly sweet taste. In fact, it is a residue from the production of other cheeses.

Ricotta is made from whey, which is boiled and drained. Ricotta is widely used in cooking. It is used for the preparation of various dishes - sauces, desserts, pastries and others.

However, we don't always have ricotta in the fridge. But this is no reason to give up, because it can be successfully replaced with others.

The easiest way is to use low-fat cottage cheese. Like ricotta, it has a milder taste, less fat and calorie. Cottage cheese can be used to prepare recipes that require the use of cheese with a mild taste.

A very successful ricotta substitute can be cooking cream. It is suitable for the preparation of vegetable sauces, pastry toppings, cakes, baked potatoes.

Tofu, which is a product made by fermenting soy milk, can replace ricotta for vegan dishes and people with dairy intolerance.

Cream cheese is another good option for a ricotta substitute, thanks to its soft and creamy texture.



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