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Which Pork Meat is Best for Skewers?

Which Pork Meat is Best for Skewers?

Hmmm, who doesn't like to eat delicious skewers?

They are suitable for a quick dinner, for welcoming guests or gathering a large group at a picnic and barbecue.

Pork skewers are one of the most preferred ones. But do you know which the best meat for skewers is?

As a rule, pork skewers are made from fresh, chilled meat, which is cut into medium-sized pieces. Such meat quickly absorbs the marinade, becomes very fragrant, tender and soft.

When choosing meat for barbecue, you need to pay attention to its age. If possible, younger meat should be chosen.

The most delicious and juicy barbecue meat is considered to be made from pork neck or the meat around the animal's bones, it should not be too greasy, but not dry. It is good to distribute the fat evenly on it.

If you have chosen meat along the spine, it would be good to cut some of the fat from it.

If you can, don't choose frozen meat for skewers. It is good for the meat to be fresh (1-2 days) and preferably from a younger animal.

And remember that fresh meat is easy to distinguish: when you press your finger into it, the dimple quickly flattens out.

As a marinade you can use any products: dairy, with tomato juice, lemon juice, wine or beer.



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