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How To Soak Oatmeal?

How To Soak Oatmeal?

Oats are a cereal that grows in dry and cool climates.

In order to preserve the useful nutrients in the processing of oats, only the outer layer is removed, so whatever product we choose - oatmeal, bran or oatmeal flour, they contain all of the valuable elements of the healthy plant.

Oatmeal belongs to the so-called slow carbs and although they are preferred in weight loss diets, they are actually quite high in calories.

Like any cereal, oatmeal is difficult to digest, so it is important to eat it properly and that's why oatmeal should be soaked.

Oats can be soaked in yogurt and the longer they are left in it, the softer they become.

It's a good idea to soak the oats from the night before and leave the bowl of oatmeal covered in the fridge. In the morning your breakfast will be ready.

Such prolonged soaking is unnecessary for fine oats, because they swell in literally seconds after being covered with milk, water or juice.

Another option is to pour a little boiling water over them and wait for them to absorb the liquid.

A great way to include them in the children's menu is by adding them to hot soup, which replaces rusks, for example.

With oatmeal and milk or water, fruit or white cheese, delicious oatmeal can be prepared.

In combination with milk, fresh or dried fruit are the ideal breakfast.

Combined with drinking enough water, oatmeal cleanses the stomach, by helping it to get rid of the accumulated toxins in the body.



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