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Useful Tips When Preparing Fish

Useful Tips When Preparing Fish

Fish occupies a significant place as an important and wholesome food for the human body.

The value of fish as a food product is determined by the large amount of protein, which contains essential amino acids and fish oil, which is a source of energy and contains vitamins A and D.

Fish meat is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12 and P.

Vitamin A favors the strengthening of the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs, against colds and digestive organs, against inflammatory processes and others.

Vitamin D strengthens the teeth, bones and vitamin B12 stimulates the formation of blood cells, which defines fish as a valuable food for anemia.

And here are some important and useful tips for when you're preparing fish:

- Fried fish is especially delicious when dipped in milk before being fried, then in flour and then it is fried in very hot oil.

- In order for the oil not to spray at you when frying fish, cover the pan with a lid;

- In order for the fish not to fall apart when frying it, it should have been left in salt for at least 15-20 minutes, so that the fish can absorb it;

- To remove the strong smell when frying fish, put a potato in the oil, peeled and cut into slices;

- To remove the smell of fish from your hands, after cleaning fish, rub them thoroughly with salt or vinegar and then wash them with lukewarm water;

- The unpleasant smell left on the knife, after cutting fish with it, can be removed by rubbing it with dry salt;

- The meat grinder used to grind fish for fish patties or fish schnitzels is washed very well with hot salted water, rinsed with clean water, its parts are completely dried and then assembled and stored in a dry place;

- The unpleasant smell of fish that comes from kitchen utensils is completely removed by washing the dishes with vinegar, lemon juice or hot salted water.



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