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How to Make Vanilla Extract?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
How to Make Vanilla Extract?

Vanilla extract is the most commonly used ingredient in many confectionery recipes.

The vanilla extract is dark brown in color.

To make our own vanilla extract, we need to have a lot of patience and quality alcohol. The time you will need to prepare it is worth it.

How to make vanilla extract?

To make it you need a glass jar, 3-5 pods of vanilla and 250 ml of vodka or white rum.

First, the vanilla pods should be cut longitudinally. Then you need to scrape the inside of the vanilla pods. The inside is called "caviar".

Put the pods and caviar in the glass jar. All this is covered with the alcohol you have chosen. The alcohol should completely cover the caviar and pods.

Then close the jar tightly, shake it and store it in a dark place.

This way, the extract in the jar is left for about a month. It can be left for even longer. The longer it is left for, the more saturated and strong its aroma becomes.

You need to shake the homemade vanilla extract from time to time.

When you need the extract, you can top it up with alcohol. This way, the vanilla will continue to release from its extract.

It is important after each opening of the jar use the extract, to close it very well and tightly. This is important, so that the extract doesn't have access to air and it does not lose its intensity.



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