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How are Soy Bites Prepared?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
How are Soy Bites Prepared?

Soy bites are a popular meat substitute. They are available in the form of dried cubes in stores. If cooked properly, they become very tasty and come in handy in a variety of vegetarian and vegan recipes. But if some basic rules are not followed, they become tough and difficult to chew.

What is important to know when making soy bites? The most important thing is to read the instructions for the specific product and follow them.

In general, soy bites should be covered with boiling water at a ratio of 1 part soy to 2 parts water. The liquid may be more - this is not a problem, the important thing is, that it isn't less. This is a key point in cooking soy bites.

The container in which the soybean bites will be left in, is covered with a lid and left for 3 hours or even more. The goal is for them to absorb the water and swell well. This makes them tender. In some recipes it is suggested to soak them in vegetable broth or milk - this step is optional and it can be skipped.

The bites are then washed with water and squeezed, flavored with favorite meat spices (curry, paprika, soy sauce, black pepper, red wine, garlic powder) and used in various recipes and can be baked, fried or stewed further. Or grill them in the form of skewers.

They can be stewed with some onions and mushrooms or used in vegetarian sandwiches.



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