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How to Make Coconut Cream?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
How to Make Coconut Cream?

In case of intolerance to animal products or any of the ingredients in them, as well as when we are oriented towards vegetarian or vegan food culture, we are looking for an alternative that provides us with a wholesome menu and variety.

For the preparation of confectionery, sauces, dairy soups and creams, vegetable milks and vegetable creams are great alternatives.

Here we will focus on coconut cream, which is so easy to prepare at home, that once tried, you will no longer go looking for the one at the store. In addition to the significantly better and fresher taste and texture of homemade coconut cream, it is certainly more healthy because it will retain all the vital nutrients of coconut.

All you need, in order to make it, is one coconut. It must be well ripened, but not too much, because then it loses the liquid inside it and its taste changes.

You will easily find out how fresh the coconut is when you shake it in the store and hear the pleasant noise of splashing coconut water.

At home, take a sharp knife or corkscrew and drill one of the three holes on the surface. Only one is soft and the others will show resistance, so you will easily find out which one is susceptible.

Once you do that, pour the coconut water into a glass. It is very tasty and healthy, but it should be consumed immediately or within an hour, so that it doesn't lose its useful properties.

Break the coconut with a hammer, peel it and cut the white edible part into pieces and put them in a blender.

Pour 3-4 cups of water and blend them in the appliance, then strain the mixture through a fine sieve. On the one hand an incredible coconut milk is obtained, on the other - coconut shavings.

But here we'll focus on making coconut cream and as a surprise, I'll tell you, that to make it, you just don't have to do anything special. Pour the milk into a jug with a wider opening and let it stand until a fluffy and thick, white substance settles on its surface. Remove it up with a spatula and place it in a separate bowl and this is your coconut cream!

Use at will in various desserts and sauces and enjoy the inspiration and good mood from this homemade product, that you have prepared yourself.

Good luck!



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