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Why are Steaks Tenderized?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
Why are Steaks Tenderized?

Making a juicy grilled steak or baking it in the oven is an art and far from as easy as it may seem at first glance. No matter how many people you ask about the secret of delicious steaks, everyone will give their own recipe, which does not necessarily coincide with your opinion.

There is no consensus on why steaks are tenderized, or whether steaks should be tenderized at all.

According to the people who tenderize steaks, steaks are tenderized because the process aims to destroy the muscle fibers of the meat or, more simply put, to soften them.

However, others are against tenderizing steaks and claim that in this way the meat loses its valuable juices and becomes too dry during heat treatment.

As with all disputes, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Indeed, tenderizing steaks breaks the destroys muscle fibers and the meat becomes more tender, but only if grilled on a very strongly heated grill for a short time.

Tenderizing steaks is also often abused by restaurants, which try to make the steak visually look bigger.

There is also a far easier way to tenderize meat that does not involve pounding. Pork chops are frozen in a freezer before marinating or cooking them. Then leave them to defrost in the fridge and are seasoned however you like.

Freezing causes the liquids in the meat molecules to increase in volume, by breaking the molecular bonds in the process and making the meat irresistibly tender.

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