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How to Use Mascarpone to Make a Cake?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
How to Use Mascarpone to Make a Cake?

Mascarpone is a very delicate type of cheese that is used to make many mascarpone desserts. It is mostly one of the main ingredients especially for cake creams. If you want to make a cake and have chosen to use mascarpone for your cream, but you don't know exactly how to use it - keep on reading.

Here are some recipes that can help you make mascarpone cream for a cake:

1. Mascarpone cream

As we said, mascarpone is used for many creams and especially as their base. Even the fact that mascarpone contains 75% fat, its texture and taste are not affected. To make this cream you can use mascarpone and any of the following ingredients - sugar, cream, condensed milk, chocolate, which can be white, dark or milk. You can also add eggs, honey, powdered sugar and anything you like.

2. Cream with mascarpone and cooking cream

The second recipe with mascarpone we offer you is cream with mascarpone and cooking cream. For it you will need: 250 g mascarpone, 200 g cooking cream, 100 g powdered sugar. And if desired, you can add cocoa, vanilla, liqueur or some other essence according to your taste.

Preparation: Put the cream in a bowl, beat it with a mixer and gradually add the powdered sugar. If you are going to put cocoa in the cream, it should be sifted along with the powdered sugar and the two ingredients should be added together to the cream. The mascarpone is then gradually added to the cream. Then add the vanilla and the cream is ready.

3. Mascarpone cream with condensed milk

The third recipe that we're sharing with you is the following: Mascarpone with condensed milk. What you will need is: 500 g of mascarpone and 400 g of condensed milk.

Preparation: Stir the mascarpone with a spoon, then gradually add the milk and that's it. This cream can also be used for cheesecake.

4. Mascarpone cream with eggs

Our fourth suggestion for a delicious cream for cakes is the following: For it you will need: 500 g mascarpone, 3 eggs, 150 g powdered sugar, 200 g cooking cream, vanilla.

Preparation: First, put the mascarpone in a bowl and beat it with a spoon. Then in another bowl beat the cream with powdered sugar. Beat the eggs separately in a bowl, again with a little cream, but be careful. Mix everything together and add the vanilla and the cream is ready.

Tips for making mascarpone creams

- In order for all of the ingredients of mascarpone cream not to separate, it is important that all of the products for it have the same temperature;

- Add all of the ingredients one by one to the cream, after the previous one has been absorb well and add them in small portions;

- Don't make mascarpone cake cream in advance. Once the products for your cream are combined, their shelf life decreases significantly. This is especially true for fruit, which need to be added shortly before use.

Have a look at some more recipes for:

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- biscuit cake with mascapone;

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