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How to Make a Pie Crust?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
How to Make a Pie Crust?

Pies are a baked product loved by so many people, because of their rich taste and cooking variations. The dish consists of butter pastry dough, filling and a pastry grid, which covers the filling on top.

This adds beauty to it, because it can be woven in different ways and have different textures and why not even a specific motif to add a theme for a holiday or something like that. Creativity comes first, unless you want to stick to the classic version.

The pie crust or pie base is made of pie dough. Did you know that? If you haven't made a pie, you probably thought it was something complicated and required a lot of skills and a bunch of ingredients that you don't have, but it's not. Every cook or novice cook has at least a few tried and tested pie recipes, which they could use.

Traditional pie dough

One of the most common variations is for butter pastry dough. It contains 2 cups of flour, 1 egg, butter - 100 g, sugar - 1/4 cup and vanilla sugar or vanilla.

It's easy to make - mix the dry ingredients, add the butter, egg and vanilla and stir. Knead the finished dough into a ball and let it rest for a while - at least half an hour. It can also be left in the refrigerator.

The pastry dough is rolled out into a round shape and placed in a pie form, by pressing it against the bottom and walls. Greased baking paper and weight are usually placed on top, but you can simply bake it at a lower temperature for 10-20 minutes at your discretion. Form a grid from the pastry dough on the pie!

Usually pie is a dessert, but I'm in no hurry to classify it as such, because there are varieties of savory pie, which is analogous to sweet pie. Ordinary dough can be used for it, the filling could be anything, as long as you figure out how to prepare it and combine the flavors well.

In addition to plain dough, you can use pizza dough, bread dough or go to the next level and experiment with tortillas, for example, which would be difficult even for some experienced and creative chefs.

The important thing is to be creative, in order for it to be effective! That's why I suggest the option of the traditional pie crust and the use puff pastry! The subtlety here is its design, you have to be creative and you can do a lot with this product. Not only will you amaze your loved ones with this innovative pie, but you will have the freedom to choose whether it is savory or sweet. It always turns out great!

I advise you to experiment! Try our recipes for puff pastry pie, pirog or white cheese pie.



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