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How to Skin a Rabbit?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Skin a Rabbit?

Many young hunters need someone to show them how to skin a wild rabbit in the field, but there's not always someone, that can help in those situations.

That's why I will describe the fastest and easiest way to skin a wild rabbit.

As soon as you shoot the rabbit, you have to empty the animal's bladder. Grab the rabbit by the front legs and place it on the back of the thigh of your leg. With the other hand, press the upper abdomen and slide you hand down.

There are two methods for skinning rabbits, one is the classic method for other animals as well and the other is the fast method for skinning rabbits.

Now let's look at a quick method for skinning rabbits.

Use one hand to hold the rabbit's back and hold the index finger. Mix with the middle finger in the hole to leave more space, then grab the free side of the incision with the other hand.

Under strong tension, tear the skin in half and slide it over the head and tail. Slide the skin over the shoulders and thighs and finally cut the tail from below.

To peel the skin of the back thigh, the easiest way is to lean the rabbit on the upper thigh, then use the other hand to pull the skin away from the thigh, peel off the shoulder and cut it.

Switch the section and finally pull the skin from the neck to the head and pull it as much as possible, then cut off the head.

And if you have already finished the operation of skinning a rabbit, then you need help with its preparation. Try one of these delicious recipes for:

- roasted rabbit;

- rabbit soup;

- or delicious stuffed rabbit.



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