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Coquilles Saint-Jacques - What Are They?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

Coquilles Saint-Jacques are one of the favorite dishes for fans of fish cuisine. Their origins are in France, where in the Middle Ages the servants of Saint-Jacques de Compostela collected them to hang them on their clothes. This way they were marked as visitors to this place. Therefore, the name of the delicious coquilles comes as an inspiration from the time of this ruler.

Today, however, they are a highly valued food product, which is present as an accent in many remarkable dishes.

They are usually served stewed, but there are many other ways to prepare them. They can be added in salads, fried in a pan, combined with sauces, with other products or grilled.

If they are stewed, then atypically, they will caramelize instead of staying dry and hard. This quality proves to be valuable for many recipes.

The classic preparation of Coquilles Saint-Jacques consists of 4 coquilles, freshly ground black pepper, salt, 30 g butter and 2 tablespoons olive oil.

If you have a stewing appliance, vacuum stew the salted coquilles for about 20 minutes. Then heat the oil in a pan, until foam appears. Put the coquilles in it and bake each side for 20-40 seconds.

The end result should be delicious caramelized coquilles.

The delicious coquilles go well with a citrus sauce, classic white sauce or the famous Neapolitan sauce.

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