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What to do with Unleavened Dough?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What to do with Unleavened Dough?

Every cook can work real miracles with well-kneaded dough. It is the main product for some of the most delicious dishes in the culinary world - from fluffy French croissants to a filo pastry pie.

However, in order to make these pastry products, certain knowledge and skills in the preparation of the dough must be applied.

The most unpleasant moment in the preparation of the dough is when it is not rising.

What prevents dough from rising

- Improper temperature of the products. This is one of the most common mistakes that prevents the dough from rising. If you add milk or water in a state that is too hot or too cold, this will certainly make it difficult or even impossible for the dough to rise;

- Decomposition of the yeast structure. This can happen if you add salt and sugar to make yeast without enough liquid ingredients. This will spoil its structure and consequently adversely affect the dough;

- Improper rising temperature. If the dough is left in a room with high or low temperatures, this will affect its structure and it will not rise.

What can you do with dough, which hasn't risen?

The first scenario is to try to save it. This can be done by beating an egg and kneading. It has the ability to restore the correct consistency of the dough.

Another way is to move the dough to the appropriate temperature - in a relatively warm place or in the refrigerator. If necessary and at the discretion, more flour is added.

The second scenario is to try to make something out of it. You can try making pizza dough or small crackers. It is a good idea to roll it out thinly and try to make small rolls with a filling of your choice.

You can cover and bake a cooked guvec with such dough. Try wrapping with rolled out unleavened dough whole fish for baking. Savory rolls would be excellent, as well as a whole roasted piece of pork or beef, wrapped in dough.

Be sure to try to make delicious desserts - baked apples in dough or another fruit, which you think is appropriate.

Unleash your imagination and create another dough product, which does not have a high structure.



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