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How to Choose Fish Properly From the Store?

Nadia GalinovaNadia Galinova
How to Choose Fish Properly From the Store?

Fish is one of the important foods for the human body. In addition to being rich in vitamins, it is an aphrodisiac and extremely tasty and dietary (not all kinds of fish obviously).

Many people do not like fish at all. They don't like to clean it, nor to see it, let alone consume it. And those for whom it is an important part of the complete menu, do not know which one to choose when they're in front of the stand or how to prepare it at home, so that it is tasty enough. No one knows what the specifics of cooking are, but the choice is very important!

First, you need to clarify to yourself - you want it fried, grilled fish, baked in the oven, grilled in a pan, etc. This will reduce your choice to a much smaller range - ie. if you want breaded fish, you may not want to choose salmon.

Rules for choosing fish

Standing in front of the stand with fish delicacies, the most important thing is to look closely and above all, to include your nose in the choice, no matter how funny it sounds. If it doesn't smell good (and you'll notice when it smells bad), it's just not your store. When choosing a fish species, ask the seller to touch it.

In many cases, the fish has a perfect appearance from afar, but it turns out soft and mushy. The fish should be fresh - clear eyes, pink gills, no crust on top. If these characteristics are present, it should be clear, that the fish is not fresh.

The fish stand must maintain some of the minimum degrees, which are needed for it to last longer, but this is by no means enough. It must also be iced on top. Its belly should not be cracked and the scent should also be close to the scent of the sea.

As we all know, fish is smelled starting from the head, that is - always smell it - the aroma comes from the gills and when not fresh it smells of ammonia.

And the most important advice when choosing fish. Don't buy frozen fish. Yes, it is cheaper, more affordable, but it never has the same quality as fresh fish. Below we will specify for those who want frozen fish, how to choose it correctly.

The same goes for seafood - shrimp, crabs, calamari, etc. Shrimp need exactly 2 days after delivery to spoil and you need to know, that their heads need to be in place and if you buy raw shrimp, they need to be nice green or gray color and if you see red on them, it means that they have started to spoil.

Calamari should be white in color, not yellow, mussels should be closed (if the mussels are open, but you still decide to buy them, tap on the shell and if it closes, then it is alive), octopuses must be firm.

In general, for choosing fresh fish from the store, these are the most important things you need to know. If you don't feel uncomfortable, in the fish shop, you can ask for a document of origin to see the delivery date, batch and expiration date. As a customer, you have this right.

The next option is to get fish - these are kennels, dams and so to speak: directly from the boats, which have just caught it. The same goes for fish and seafood choices and in addition I will add, that it is important, that when you touch the fish, it is not hot! The fisherman is always obliged to freeze and cool the fish while it is still alive before selling it.

On one hand, it will last longer, on the other hand - their bellies will not crack (which is the second important thing you need to look for).

One bracket and clarification: When buying live fish, let's say carp, silver carp, etc. from big fish or any small fish, ALWAYS COOL or FREEZE the FISH before cleaning it, otherwise you risk its bones to "pop out" and to "spoil" it unintentionally.

For those who still want to buy frozen fish, they need to know something. Usually the seller behind the counter is adamant, that the fish is frozen alive. There is a certain "facility" in which the freezing process is carried out, after which all assortments are glazed in order to keep them longer and the glazing protects the fish from drying out at sub-zero temperatures.

It is important, that the fish looks almost the same as it looks fresh. Mackerel should not be yellow and if it is, it means that it is rancid.

Most people love pangasius, but fresh ones are expensive. Believe me - it is better to buy fresh than frozen, you will see this when you defrost it and see how much water leaks out. This applies to all fish in the freezers.

It is also important to know, that the popular breaded calamari, white fish fillets and everything breaded, actually has no fish inside. It is full of starch and grinded fish bones and heads. Yes, they are delicious, but when you know the composition, you will never buy them!

These are the important things for choosing the right fish.

Once you have made the right choice of fish, then you need the right recipe for fish. Follow these delicious recipes for fish in foil, fish meatballs or fish soup.



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