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What Wines and Drinks are Served with Blue Cheese?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What Wines and Drinks are Served with Blue Cheese?

Blue cheese is one of the most special types. The characteristic feature of its production is that penicillin mold is introduced. It is due to the blue stripes on the cheese, which is the reason for its name.

To make it, small holes are drilled in it, through which air can enter, which accelerates the development of mold. Usually the younger blue cheeses are softer and creamier, while the more mature ones have a dry and crumbly texture and a saltier taste.

The salty taste of blue cheese is also the reason why this dairy product goes best with wine. The combination between the two is extremely pleasant and provides a complete experience for the palate. Here are the best wines for blue cheese:

The classic red wine - this is where the unique combination between Stilton blue cheese and Porto wine immediately arises. Other suitable wines are red Ruby and Marsala.

Dessert wines are another suitable choice to combine with the specific taste of blue cheese. Such are the classic Roquefort, Sauternes from Bordeaux or Tokaj from Hungary. The peculiarity of them is that they also get their specific taste, thanks to fungal reactions.

Mature white wine is another great choice to combine with the sour taste of the cheese. In this case, they combine perfectly in cooking recipes, where the oak flavor of the wine is integrated with the soft acidity of the cheese.

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