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How to Fillet Fish?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Fillet Fish?

Before you start processing the fish, you need to prepare the necessary tools, which are a board and a well-sharpened thin knife. The action can be performed with any type of knife, but the most suitable is the thin one, which is used in the kits as a carving knife.

First and foremost, the most important tip to start filleting fish is to wash the fish thoroughly. Each species more or less has a light layer of fat and stickiness on its surface (for example trout), which will fall off when washed and then the possibility to cut or tear the fish fillet decreases.

Before washing, it is good to check the fish for scales. After all, no one wants to consume them. Remove the scales well, wash the fish thoroughly under cold running water and place it on the board. For your convenience, it is best to remove the entrails in advance, as well as cut off its head and tail. This way, the end result will be more satisfactory and look better.

To make it easier to fillet the fish and to see what is happening under the knife, place the fish with the belly facing you. Place the knife over the middle bone and start cutting tightly over the bone. You can make light cuts at the top and bottom, or you can cut directly in the middle, the choice is entirely yours.

The skin of the fish does not need to be removed after any heat treatment except boiling, it aquires a very tasty and crunchy appearance, so it does not interfere.

Once you have made the first fillet, it is best to have a look at it. Whatever fish you fillet, you will see from above in places, in particular the part on the back, lighter spots of the color of the fish. If you want, you can cut them - once again, you decide, but it's not wrong to leave them.

Move on to the second fish fillet. There are two options here. One is to continue in the same way as before, that is, with the fish belly towards you. In this case, start cutting in the same way again, by trying to cut along the bone and with your knife at a slight upward angle.

If you choose the second option, turn the fish back to you and do the same as with the first fillet. The most important thing in the whole procedure is that your knife always goes along the bone and is slightly inclined, to avoid leaving the meat on the middle bone.

After filleting the fish, it is good to wash it again with cold water to seal the fillet and not make a mess. You can use the leftovers from filleting the fish for delicious fish soup or fish broth. Enjoy and most importantly.. keep your fingers away from the knife. :)



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