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Why Doesn't Sugar Caramelize?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Why Doesn't Sugar Caramelize?

Trying to make caramel at home, but something is wrong? Let us help you.

Here are some mistakes, which can prevent you from getting good results when caramelizing sugar and how to avoid them.

1. You are using a thin cookware

Thin cookware heat up unevenly, which can cause some of the sugar to burn before the rest has melted. Instead, choose a sturdy metal cookware with a heavy bottom (for example, a stainless steel cookware);

2. You have not used a clean pot

If there are a few crumbs in it or you have used it for something else before, this will prevent your caramel from having a smooth texture or turning out good at all.

3. You are using another type of sugar, which is not refined white sugar

Other types of sugar may become lumpy and not melt as easily or burn. Bet on the ordinary for the best result.

4. Stirring the sugar

If the caramel turns into grains, the sugar has probably crystallized. Sucrose molecules in sugar have a strong tendency to stick together in dense, arranged crystals. Instead of stirring, gently turn the container you are using. Grab a wet pastry brush to moisten the walls of the pot. This will prevent crystallizing.

5. You did not hit the right temperature

If the heated hob is too weak or too strong, then the caramel may not turn out well and it is likely to burn or have a bitter taste.

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