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What to Do if Your Hands are Burning from Chili Peppers?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What to Do if Your Hands are Burning from Chili Peppers?

Each of us has faced the unpleasant feeling of burning hands from spicy food. Most often this happens during the preparation process with chili pepper recipes. More experienced cooks know how to prevent this kind of burning sensation, but for beginners it can be a big problem.

Burning from chili peppers can cause a sharp, unpleasant pain, which can sometimes be unbearable. Here's how to proceed in such cases:

- According to American doctors, the correct steps in managing pain after burning your hands are: first wash hands thoroughly with warm water and dish soap, then soak them in vegetable oil to about 1 hour.

- According to other beliefs, burning from chili peppers can be relieved by applying water, yogurt, lemon juice or oil. For this, you can use a pad or directly start soaking your hands in them. They are believed to neutralize the burning sensation of chili peppers and help relieve pain.

- Another way to relieve unpleasant pain is to wash your hands with salted water. Then you should wash them once more with milk and finally rinse them a third time with soap and water.

- You can neutralize the burning with homemade brandy or another spirit. This will reduce the heat and relieve the pain.

To save yourself this discomfort, it is recommended to smear your hands with vegetable oil before working with chili peppers or else to use rubber gloves.

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