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How Long are Chicken Wings Fried for?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How Long are Chicken Wings Fried for?

Chicken meat is a main irreplaceable product in the culinary world. Each of its components is equally valuable and has key nutritional qualities, which play a major role in the recipes of some of the most famous dishes.

The first association in relation to chicken is fried chicken wings. Tender, tasty and juicy - they play the leading role in quite a few dishes and are a highly valued product in the kitchen. In addition, their preparation is easy and fast and at the same time, every recipe with them is a guaranteed success.

Here's how much time you need to fry chicken wings for:

It is accepted, that chicken wings should be fried at a temperature of 350°C and the time required for their preparation is about 7-8 minutes.

An important requirement is not to fry them on the highest level of the hob. The optimal option is to stick to medium heat on the stove, so that it doesn't cause the fat to splatter. It is recommended to heat the oil well before placing the wings in the pan. Also, leave the wings alone for the first few minutes, then start turning them periodically to evenly fry the wings on both sides.

In order not to get involved with numbers and a stopwatch, the best solution is to monitor the readiness of your wings according to their color. The moment your wings turn golden brown, they're done and it's time to remove them from the heat.

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