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Is it Possible and How to Freeze Soup?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Is it Possible and How to Freeze Soup?

When it's cold outside, there's nothing more warming and pleasant than a bowl of delicious hot soup. However, if you make more than you can eat, don't worry. There is a way to store the soup, so that it doesn't spoil and you don't have to throw it away.

That way is freezing it. In this advie, we'll tell you how you can freeze soup at home by yourself. There are many ways to preserve soup for longer in the freezer. Now we are going to share with you some tricks for freezing soup, so that it retains all its delicious qualities.

The best ways to freeze soup

- The first thing to do is to get safe boxes or containers, which are specially designed for freezer food storage. Boxes and containers must be able to withstand sub-zero temperatures in the freezer without bursting;

- The other important thing is to choose exactly such boxes, the sizes of which are adapted to your lifestyle. If you live alone, it is best to freeze your food only in such boxes that hold no more than two servings;

- Another important thing is, you've probably guessed, you need to let your favorite soup cool completely before transferring it into freezer storage containers.

1. Freezing soup in a bag - Not all bags are created in the same way when it comes to freezing. The best freezer bags for soup are reusable ones that are lined with silicon. Besides being good for freezing when you need to defrost the soup in them, you can put them in a pot of boiling water and defrost the soup right in the bag.

Another option for freezing in bags are those special freezer bags that are made of plastic, because they are made of a slightly thicker and stronger plastic, which prevents leaks or tears. Any liquid you freeze shrinks during refrigeration, you should leave 1-2 cm of space at the top of the bag. You should always choose high-quality bags from a manufacturer you trust.

One tip for this method: You need to get as much air out of your ziploc bags as you can, if you're using them. Then lay the bags flat or stack them upright like books, so thatyou can make room in your freezer for other food, too;

2. You can freeze soup in silicone molds, ice cube trays or muffin tins - these molds are a really ingenious way to store soup in portions. This method is very suitable for freezing soup in individual portions and in sizes that are suitable for serving. When you want to defrost soup from these molds, you just have to put the molds in a tray that is filled with warm water to make it easier to remove the soup from the molds;

3. You can freeze the soup in glass jars - stores sell different types of jars that are specifically designed for storing food in the freezer. However, you must keep in mind, as we said, that when freezing, the soup expands and you must anticipate this, so that the jar does not break in the freezer. You can buy such glass jars, which, in addition to freezing, are also ideal for defrosting in a microwave.

Why does soup retain all its taste even when frozen?

Soup is very often made from ingredients that, when stewed, retain their flavor, nutritional value and are easier to digest. Soup is a very healthy dish, that is also very easy to prepare and subsequently freeze. The wide variety of products, which a soup is prepared with, makes it very suitable for freezing.

How long can a soup last in the freezer?

Usually, a frozen soup can last in the refrigerator for about 6 months, but it depends a lot on what products it is made with. Soups that are made with vegetables can last significantly longer than those that are made with dairy or meat products. You need to keep track of the soup you freeze. If you notice that after some time in the freezer it starts to smell or taste unpleasant, it would be best to throw it away.

Advice - Always put labels on everything you put in the freezer, which should say what you froze and the date of freezing.

Can cream soup be frozen?

It can, but it won't defrost nicely. It would be best to cook the vegetables and not add cream or milk and freeze it that way. Once you decide to defrost it and when you reheat the soup, then you can add them.

Can noodle soup be frozen?

It's best to add noodles in after you decide to defrost the soup to keep it fresh. When frozen once and then defrosted, noodles become mushy, because the starch from pasta absorbs the liquid while it is in a frozen state and accordingly becomes mushy.

Can potato-based soups be frozen?

It is best to add starchy ingredients just before serving the soup.

You can freeze the following soups in the freezer without problems:

- chicken soup;

- tripe soup;

- lentil soup;

- lamb soup.



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