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How to Cook in a Water Bath?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Cook in a Water Bath?

Very often, when you read recipes for preparing various desserts, you come to the point where it is written, that they are prepared in a water bath and this confuses many novice cooks, who do not know how to cook water bath.

Cooking in a water bath is one of the slow ways of culinary processing, unlike frying. It is usually used in the preparation of desserts, custards or other dishes, which can burn if exposed directly to fire.

Let's describe exactly how to cook in a water bath. Regardless of what you are going to prepare - whether you are going to melt chocolate in a water bath or prepare the beloved by all Kodrit Kadir, you need to prepare two vessels - a larger one and a smaller one.

As a rule, boiling water is poured into the larger container, after which the smaller container containing the dessert or dish is placed in it.

It is recommended, that when cooking in a water bath, you must work with boiling water, not warm, lukewarm or cold, while monitoring its volume and adding boiling water again, if necessary.

For best results, it is good to place a grid or a mat of thick paper at the bottom of the pot of boiling water and place the dish with the food you are going to cook in a water bath on it.

This way, the distance between the two will soften the air bubbles released during the boiling and as a result the crème caramel or sauce will be free of any bubbles - lukewarm to perfection.

Cooking in a water bath is not difficult at all and once you master it, your table will often feature delicious desserts such as crème caramel, cakes with fluffy chocolate cream, etc.



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