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How to Stew Shrimp?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Stew Shrimp?

When it comes to seafood dishes, one cannot help but mention shrimp. They are a classic delicious dish, which carries the sea breeze with it.

However, before consuming this product, you should make sure, that the shrimp do not have a yellowish color, moist shell, dark head or black spots. These signs are indicators that the product is not suitable for use.

If your shrimp have a characteristic appearance, then you can freely prepare a delicious dish with their presence. The most famous method of cooking them is by stewing. Here's how to that is done and which ones are the most popular products for the purpose:

The cooking method of stewing consists of the following steps:

- heat oil or olive oil in a heated pan;

- add the shrimp without peeling them;

- add spices of your choice;

- sauté the shrimp in the pan, until they aquire the characteristic pink color;

- add the product, which you will flavor the shrimp with and leave them on low heat for about 5-7 minutes.

Here are the products you can stew your shrimp with:

- the most common product for stewing shrimp is white wine. It adds a great flavor to the shrimp and makes them more juicy and appetizing;

- butter is an easy, quick and extremely tasty way to stew;

- cooking cream is another product, which succeeds to add juiciness to shrimp;

- live beer is a more non-standard method of stewing, but stunning results are achieved with it;

- you can stew your shrimp with mushrooms, tomatoes and black pepper. This is a suitable recipe for lovers of spicy food.

Have a look at how you can prepare:

- Spaghetti with Shrimp;

- Pan-Seared Shrimp;

- Grilled Shrimp.



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