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How to Make Minced Meat from Chicken?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Make Minced Meat from Chicken?

Chicken minced meat, like any other minced meat, is made by grinding the specified meat. However, what the chicken minced meat will be used for is essential. Depending on whether the minced meat will be fried or baked, choose from which part of the chicken the meat will be grinded.

The most common and most appropriate is to grind chicken leg steak or, if you are using a whole chicken, debone the meat and grind it into minced meat. If the finished minced meat is going to be fried, you can skip adding the skin from the chicken in it and use an egg solder, for example.

However, if you are going to bake the minced chicken, it is best to add the skin from the chicken, because apart from being a solder, it will make it more tender and juicy. It is best to grind the meat along with the spices in order to homogenize the mixture and give the minced meat a better flavor.

Suitable spices for chicken minced meat are black pepper and onion, as well as any other spices that you like. The preparation itself can be done all at once, very quickly and easily, by putting the pieces of meat, onion, salt, spices and grinding them to the desired consistency in a chopper.

If you're going to make chicken meatballs, for example, you can put an egg and some soaked bread right into the chopper and grind. Chicken meat is quite dry, so fattier meat or butter can be added to the minced meat, but this depends on what you will use it for.

In its pure form - without eggs, bread, onions, etc. minced meat can be stored both in the refrigerator and in the freezer.

With chicken minced meat, you can also prepare Meatloaf, Meatball Soup or delicious Moussaka.



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