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How and When to Drink a Protein Shake?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

In the last decade, healthy eating and the importance of fitness have been reinforced more and more perceptibly. The premise for this is that more and more people start caring about their appearance and strive for a balanced and nutritious diet.

Proteins have an indispensable role in healthy diets. They are an important part of the life of athletes, because of the benefits they provide to the body. Protein shakes, which are designed to provide extra protein to fitness enthusiasts, are gaining particular popularity.

How and when to drink a protein shake?

A protein shake is consumed usually after physical training. This is because proteins have a restorative effect on trained muscles.

The principle of action of the protein follows the steps of workout, muscle strain and intake of protein to help build muscle mass and restore the body.

A protein shake can be drunk immediately after working out, since it is quickly absorbed. You can drink it in one go, or you can divide it into portions throughout the day.

The minimum intake of protein is 0.5 oz (15 grams) and according to research, an intake of 0.7-0.9 oz (20-25 grams) is completely sufficient for people to stimulate protein synthesis.

Other studies indicate that 1.1-1.4 oz (30-40 grams) taken may be the most optimal option for stimulating protein synthesis.

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