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Who Invented Pizza?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Who Invented Pizza?

Pizza can be defined as one of the greatest gifts that Italy has given to the culinary world. Although not a complicated or demanding recipe, pizza has become a worldwide phenomenon and today there is hardly a person who does not adore it.

The word pizza is believed to be of Latin origin and literally translates as bread. However, the story behind the creation of the recipe is complex and subject to conflicting theoretical beliefs.

Who is considered the creator of the pizza we know today?

The first pizza attempts are believed to date back to Ancient Rome during the occupation of Palestine, when Roman soldiers learned about crunchy European bread and began making similar bread upon their return home.

Other archaeological theories attribute the discovery of pizza to the Bronze Age in the territory of Veneto.

The truth is that the classic pizza recipe, which we know of today, originated in the 18th century in Italy. The birthplace of pizza is Naples and the person who adds the finishing touches to the finished recipe is Raffaele Esposito. He is the pizza maker in Naples, on duty when Queen Margherita of Italy visits.

Esposito creates a special recipe for the Queen's Pizza, which is colored in the three colors of the Italian flag – red for tomato, white for mozzarella and green for basil. This is also the recipe for the Classic Margherita Pizza we know today.

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