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Does Spelt Flour Contain Gluten?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
Does Spelt Flour Contain Gluten?

Gluten intolerance is a condition, in which the intake of gluten is strictly avoided. People who are in such a health condition should be especially careful about their eating habits.

It is a fact, that cereals contain gluten in their composition. This also applies to spelt, as well as products with its participation. In this sense, it can be assumed that spelt flour is not recommended in case of gluten intolerance.

However, here's what you need to know about spelt:

Spelt contains gluten, but it is in many times lower amounts than its content in other grains. In addition, the grain contains gliadin, which is a non-toxic protein for people suffering from gluten intolerance.

In addition, spelt has an extremely useful composition. It contains significant amounts of minerals and vitamins, which make it an important products on the menu for people on a gluten-free diet.

Although the grain contains gluten, this fact is compensated by its valuable constituent qualities, which supply the body with fiber, useful minerals and vitamins.

That is why spelt flour turns out to be a compromise option with its low levels of gluten, which can diversify the menu of the gluten-free diet and at the same time bring significant advantages to people with gluten intolerance.

With a mix of spelt flour and gluten-free flours, you can prepare:

- spelt pancakes;

- spelt bread;

- gluten-free bread.



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