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How to Properly Bake Puff Pastry?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova

When you lack enough imagination, but still need to cook something, then puff pastry is the perfect backup plan.

With the puff pastry you can experiment and add different products to it and in the end you will always have a dish, that can replace the preparation of more complicated recipes. The puff pastry is suitable for preparing pastry dishes such as pizzas, puff pastry pies, mekitsi, cakes, etc.

In order to prepare a high-quality and tasty dish with puff pastry, it is necessary to be familiar with some subtleties of its preparation. One of the most important factors is baking.

How to properly bake puff pastry and what you need to know? Have a look:

Baking in a baking pan

If you bake the puff pastry in a baking pan, it is necessary to know, that it is not necessary to grease it beforehand. It is enough to spray the surface with cold water or to put baking paper on it.

Sticking the edges of the puff pastry

If you want to stick the edges of the puff pastry, they are attached by smearing them with water and by pressing them.

Baking in an oven

Baking puff pastry in an oven should only be done, by preheating it to 390°F (200°C). Otherwise, the dough will not rise and will not acquire a golden color.

Baking with stuffing

If you plan to put the stuffing in the puff pastry, it is recommended to lightly bake the puff pastry first, then add the stuffing and then bake, until it is done. The opposite could cause the stuffing to run out and the dough to soften.

Once you know how to properly bake puff pastry, here are some ideas for:

- puff pastries;

- puff pastry pie;

- puff pastry rolls.



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