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What Can Potatoes be Replaced with in Dishes?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What Can Potatoes be Replaced with in Dishes?

If you want to cook a dish with potatoes, but you don't have them at the moment, or your diet doesn't allow you to eat them, but you love them, here's what you can replace them with in your recipes:

You can practically cook almost anything with potatoes, because they are an ideal side dish for any dish. They can be used as a main dish with potatoes. It happens very often to every cook, that wants to cook a given recipe with potatoes, but at the last moment realizes, that there is not enough in stock. Another option is a more dietary alternative to potatoes.

Let's see what you can replace potatoes with in recipes.

- You can replace mashed potatoes with a pea puree, which is just as tasty and is an ideal side dish for many dishes;

- You can also make puree from cauliflower - it is very easy to prepare, you just have to clean it, wash it and then blanch it. Then it is pureed and butter and cheese are added to it and you have the perfect side dish;

- Whenever a cream soup is made, 1 potato is added, which releases starch and this way the soup becomes thick. If you don't have potatoes, you can substitute them with tapioca flour, which will also add a nice thickness to your soup. Pumpkin is also a perfect substitute for potatoes in cream soups - it just needs to be peeled, the seeds need to be removed, blanched and added to the soup. You can also use chickpea or lentil flour. Here it is important to know that for every 1 liter of broth you need 100 g of flour. It must be stirred constantly when you add the flour, so that there are no lumps;

- If you are a lover of Italian cuisine and love gnocchi, which as we know is also made from potatoes, you can prepare them without potatoes. Some chefs are quite experimental and have replaced the potatoes with pumpkin puree, spinach puree or bread dumplings.

Vegetables such as sunroot, parsnips, cauliflower, sweet potatoes can help you replace regular ones in recipes for:

- moussaka;

- au gratin;

- potato casserole;

- potato soup.



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