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What Can Couscous Be Replaced with in Recipes?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What Can Couscous Be Replaced with in Recipes?

Couscous is very tasty, but not everyone likes it. If you are a fan of this African specialty, then in this advice we will share with you what you can replace couscous with in a recipes.

Couscous can be replaced with the following products:

- Quinoa - Unlike couscous, quinoa is cunchier, but its shape and dimensions are very similar to those of couscous;

- Sorghum - this is a type of grain food, which has a nutty taste;

- Rice - whose grains are short;

- Couscous can also be replaced with cauliflower rice;

- Couscous can be replaced with millet.

Can couscous replace rice in a dish? Yes, white cooked boiled rice is the most practical and easy substitute for boiled couscous. Rice, however, absorbs a different amount of water or broth from the couscous. The cooking time for rice is also different than for couscous.

Another low-carb alternative to couscous is cauliflower.

Another good substitute for couscous is orzo. Many people think of it as a type of grain that resembles rice or barley, but orzo is actually pasta;

Bulgur is also a very good substitute for couscous;

For people who are on a gluten-free diet, polenta is a good substitute for couscous because, as you know, polenta is made from grinded corn flour and couscous is made from durum wheat;

Semolina can act as an alternative to the African product.

You can use all these foods as a substitute in various recipes for:

- couscous salad;

- couscous with chicken;

- main dishes with couscous.



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