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How Long Can Rice be Stored in the Refrigerator for?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How Long Can Rice be Stored in the Refrigerator for?

Rice is a central figure in the culinary world and this is no accident. This product is an indispensable part of thousands of recipes and cultural food for most nations.

Apart from its remarkable taste qualities and beneficial composition, rice offers another valuable privilege and that is its easy preparation. It does not require anything special when being prepared and in combination with other products turns any dish into a masterpiece.

However, there is one significant subtlety surrounding the preparation of rice, and that is its proper storage, so that spoilage is avoided and accordingly, food poisning with it.

Here's how and how long you can store rice in the fridge for:

For rice, it is essential to refrigerate or freeze it immediately after cooking.

For boiled rice, it is permissible to leave it at room temperature for no more than 2 hours. After this period of time, you should throw it away as it is most likely no longer fit for consumption.

If you comply with the condition of putting the rice immediately in the refrigerator, you can store it for a period of 4-5 days without it spoiling.

More time is not desirable, but to be sure of the suitability of the product, you can check it periodically for color, smell and taste.

Do not reheat a cooked rice dish in the oven more than once.

In the refrigerator for 3 days you can store rice dishes such as:

- chicken with rice;

- stuffed peppers with rice;

- rice with mushrooms;

- Italian risotto;

- Chinese-style rice.



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