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How to Freeze Bread?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How to Freeze Bread?

Did you know that one of the ways to keep the bread you bought fresh longer (besides keeping it in the fridge) is to freeze it? Yes, you read that right. Bread can be frozen and in this advice we will tell you how.

Frozen bread has a shelf life of 1 year. You've probably seen frozen baked goods in supermarkets that just need to be baked. Hotels also stock up on baguettes and small bun, which are only baked and offered to guests.

Frozen bread, which is sold in stores is 80% baked, and when it is ready to be used, it is simply put in the oven to finish baking. Here are the basic rules for freezing bread:

You should be aware, that when you freeze bread and then decide to defrost it, it will be exactly the same as when you froze it. If you decide to freeze fresh bread, then after you defrost it, it will also be fresh.

If you freeze already dried bread, it's much harder to freeze and it won't taste the same.

- You should never put hot bread in the freezer. It will freeze very quickly and be full of moisture after defrosting it;

- If you have a large family and can eat a whole loaf of bread in one day, then you don't have to cut the bread into slices before freezing it. The bread is placed in a plastic bag, then the air is removed from the bag as much as possible and is then placed in the freezer. There are people who also use paper bags, because if it is put in a box, the bread can very easily absorb the external odors of the foods, which you store around the box, that the bread is in.

- Another way to freeze bread is by cutting it into slices. As above, the bread, after being cut, is placed in a plastic bag or paper bag. It is a good idea to put the number of slices of bread in one bag or envelope. Frozen like this, the bread lasts about 4 months.

In the freezer of the refrigerator you can freeze:

- spelt bread;

- sourdough bread;

- whole grain bread;

- potato bread.



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