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How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How Long Do Coffee Beans Last?

If you ever buy coffee beans instead of ground coffee, or already have some, but do not know how to store them, or how long coffee beans last, then after reading this advice you will understand. Before we mention how long coffee beans last for, let us first share what are the suitable containers for their storage:

- glass jars with rubber seals;

- ceramic dishes, that have a large lid with a valve;

- coffee beans can also be stored in wooden barrels, but there is a disadvantage of this type of storage and that is that air enters these barrels and this leads to the disappearance of the aroma of coffee, which is loved by many people and takes away the quality of the coffee beans;

- coffee beans can also be stored in plastic containers, because they have the ability to retain the aroma of coffee for a longer time.

How is it actually correct to store coffee beans?

Coffee's worst enemy is air. As you know, roasted coffee beans are quite delicate. If you store coffee beans in open spaces, this leads to the following:

- The oils in the coffee disappear and they, as we know, they contribute to the familiar taste and aroma;

Coffee beans absorb the moisture, that is in the air and the beans lose their qualities;

- In addition to moisture, coffee beans also absorb all external odors and this deteriorates their quality.

Many coffee lovers recommend storing coffee beans in the freezer. Beans, which are not roasted and are still green are stored this way, because when the temperature is low, the moisture levels needed to heat the beans are preserved.

There is no need to refrigerate the roasted coffee. Above all, do not store it in a container that is not suitable for the purpose, because this way the coffee beans absorb the moisture in the refrigerator and the smell of the foods they are stored next to.

And here's how to store coffee beans at home and its expiration dates according to the storage method?

The best way to store coffee beans is in frosted glass jars that can be sealed tightly. And here is the shelf life according to the container in which you store the coffee beans:

- If you store the coffee in a box or plastic bag, it can last no more than 2 weeks;

- If you store the coffee in a paper bag that has an inner lining, it can last up to 6 months;

- If you store the coffee in a bag that is heat-sealable and has a gas valve - the coffee can last for 1 year;

- If you store the coffee in glass or ceramic containers, it can last for 3 months.



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