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What Do Onions Contain?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
What Do Onions Contain?

We all know, that a delicious stew cannot go without an onion. However, what does an onion contain and what is this vegetable good for, we will find now. Onions, like garlic, belong to the Alliaceae family. Chives and leeks are also part of it.

Onions, like other members of this family, contain many vitamins, minerals, and powerful plant compounds, that have been scientifically proven to strengthen our bodies.

The medicinal properties of onions have been known since ancient times. Back then, it was used for headaches, cardiovascular disease and mouth sores and canker sores.

Before listing what this healthy vegetable contains, we will mention some of the benefits it provides to our health:

- Onions have bactericidal and antiseptic properties;

- Onions help fight viruses;

- Onions are good food for the brain and blood;

- Onions have the ability to improve appetite and help the body to digest food more easily;

- Onions significantly increase our body's ability to fight a number of infectious diseases.

What do onions contain

- amino acids - valine, leucine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan;

100 g of onion contains:

- 40 calories;

- 1.10 g of protein;

- 9.34 g of carbohydrates;

- 0.10 g fats;

- 1.70 g of fiber;

- 4.24 g of sugars;

- 1.97 g of glucose;

- 0.99 g sucrose;

- 1.29 g of fructose;

Vitamins in onions:

- Beatin- 0.10 mg;

- Vitamin A- 2 IU;

- Vitamin B1- 0.5 mg;

- Vitamin B2 - 0.03 mg;

- Vitamin B3- 0.12 mg;

- Vitamin B4- 6.10 mg;

- Vitamin B5- 0.12 mg;

- Vitamin B6- 0.12 mg;

- Vitamin C- 7.40 mg;

- Vitamin E- 0.02 mg;

- Vitamin K- 0.40 mcg.

Ensure the benefits of onion consumption by regularly including it in your menu:

- potato salad with onions;

- stuffed onions;

- livers with onions;

- onion stew.



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