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How Long Do Onions Last?

Nadia Galinova
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Nadia Galinova
How Long Do Onions Last?

If you have bought more onions and are wondering how long they last - this advice is for you. How long this vegetable can last depends entirely on how it is stored.

As we know, there is almost no case where you don't use onions in your kitchen. That's why it's good to keep it in a dry place - under the sink in a special basket or bucket, or maybe in a basket in your cupboard, on the counter, on a vegetable rack on the balcony, in the basement. If stored this way, onions can last 1-2 weeks. Due to the heat in the kitchen, however, the onion starts to sprout or rot quickly. Therefore storing onions on a balcony or in a basement is the more sensible solution.

You should always buy a smaller quantity of onions, because they are used up in a shorter time and therefore there is no danger of spoilage, while larger quantities of onions should be stored in a proper way, so that they do not spoil.

If you have any sliced ​​onions left, put them in a box and store them in the refrigerator, but you must use them in a very short time.

Do not put onions in aluminum foil, because the onions can absorb the taste of the metal and traces of aluminum can get into it.

If you have grown onions and have a good crop, which you want to store for the winter, under the right conditions it can last up to 6 months. However, this depends on the following factors:

- how to store it and how long it will last depends on the type of onion;

- whether the onion is spring or winter;

- those onion varieties that have a greater amount of onion in their composition cause more tearing when being cut, but also have a much longer shelf life;

- onions, which were cultivated during the colder months of the year can last longer than summer ones.

And with healthy onion heads, you can prepare delicious and favorite dishes such as:

- onion soup;

- onion stew;

- pork with onions;

- stuffed onions.



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