Which Dishes Should I Put Turmeric in?

Which Dishes Should I Put Turmeric in?
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Homemakers nowadays have a rich assortment of spices in their cupboard, which they use in their culinary experiments in the kitchen. Spices can complement each other in a unique way, while at other times their combination isn't quite successful but we're not going to discuss the latter right now.

So before you reach for that packet of exotic spices it's good to know which types of dishes it's suitable for and which it isn't.

Turmeric has undisputable flavor and culinary qualities but in the food and drink industry it's most often used as a dye. With it, dishes such as grilled chicken, different kinds of mayonnaise, sauces, fish salads, soups, rice dishes and others gain not only an excellent golden color but an irresistible aroma as well.

Chefs will tell you that turmeric is most suitable for fatty dishes and should never be overused, under any circumstances. Scoop a little turmeric at the tip of a teaspoon - this is enough for 4 servings. Sprinkle it on your favorite French fries or baked rice dish.

Our advice is not to hesitate in including a little turmeric in your favorite dishes, as this spice belongs to the family of super foods. It is believed to tone the body, increase motor function, as well as the secretory functions of the stomach, intestines and gallbladder. It also has antibacterial effects.


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