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Does Taking Magnesium Cause Weight Gain?

Does Taking Magnesium Cause Weight Gain?

Numerous dynamic processes take place in our body every day and despite us wishing for these to always be balanced and for us to enjoy good health and a healthy weight, sometimes we do experience deficiencies in vitamins and micronutrients.

At such times, we have to alter our diet or even take additional dietary supplements and vitamins, in order to compensate for their absence. Often however, taking vitamins for an extended period of time can lead to gradual weight gain, which is why many people tend to ask, "Does Taking Magnesium Cause Weight Gain?"

Our modern way of eating, which is often unhealthy, plus the stress we constantly face, is the reason why more and more people are experiencing a serious magnesium deficiency, which, unfortunately, cannot be compensated for by a simple change in eating habits.

Sure symptoms of magnesium deficiency are constant fatigue, muscle pain, high agitation, high blood pressure, difficulty falling asleep and others, and your doctor may prescribe magnesium supplements.

The good news for everyone that has to take additional magnesium supplements is that it doesn't cause weight gain. Quite the contrary in fact - greater quantities of magnesium in the body help us lose weight and stay in shape, while low quantities hinder fat burning. The optimal daily dose of magnesium is between 250 - 1000 mg, depending on the patient's weight, as well as their diet and exercise habits.



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