Is Beer Basic or Acidic?

Is Beer Basic or Acidic?

You may have often seen the abbreviation pH, which is used to indicate to measure the acidity of a substance but few know what these 2 letters actually symbolize. pH is in fact an abbreviation of potential hydrogen. The scale measures the ratio between positively and negatively charged hydrogen ions (acidic and alkaline, respectively).

The optimal pH in the human body is a neutral 7.0. When the pH goes down to 6.9, it becomes acidic, and when it goes above 7.1 it's basic. And although these differences may seem insignificant, they actually have a serious influence on human health. A disruption of the acidic balance in the body can create the prerequisites for the development of certain diseases.

Unfortunately, in our daily lives we consume food and drinks which are much more acidic than basic, contributing to a more acidic environment. At which point we inevitably arrive to the point where drink lovers ask concernedly, "is beer basic or acidic", and how much of it should they consume? The disappointing answer is beer is highly acidic and should therefore not be consumed in large quantities.

But if you just can't imagine your summer without a cold glass of beer in hand, then you could try neutralizing its acidic effect by adding highly basic foods to your diet.


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