How Long Do I Boil Bulgur?

How Long Do I Boil Bulgur?

Bulgur is one of the most wholesome grain foods, one that humans have been familiar with since Antiquity. The beneficial properties of bulgur make it an inseparable part of the cuisines in the Near East.

You can find dishes with bulgur in Turkish cuisine, Armenian cuisine, Indian cuisine and others as well.

One of the plus sides to bulgur is that it doesn't require prolonged or complex heat treatment. This is due to the fact that bulgur is a hard wheat that has been blanched, then dried and crumbled ahead of time.

To cook bulgur all you need is water in a 1:1 ratio. Bring the bulgur to a boil, then cook for no longer than 15 min. on low heat. It's recommended to leave it for 10 min. to swell nicely after that and then stir.

Bulgur is a main ingredient in numerous meat and vegetarian dishes. It can be consumed both sweet or salty. On our site you can fine appetizing recipes for pilaf with bulgur, lamb with bulgur, as well as aromatic soup with bulgur.


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