What Temperature Do I Bake Cake at?

What Temperature Do I Bake Cake at?

Cake is one of our favorite desserts. It's easy to make and the result is always tasty. When it comes to making a cake, baking is of key importance. Bake your cake in a preheated 356°F (180 °C) oven.

Don't forget - don't open the oven door during the first 20 min. of baking. Bake the cake in the middle of the oven, so it can bake evenly and not burn on the top or bottom.

You shouldn't bake it at a temperature higher than 374°F (190 °C) because you risk having it burn on the outside, while remaining raw on the inside. Check to see if your cake is ready with a toothpick - poke it, if the toothpick comes out easily and doesn't stick to the cake, it means it's ready. Wait for it to cool in the cake form you baked it in, so that you can separate it from it easier later.

Check out a few amazing recipes for aromatic cake: Cake without Mixing, Easy Cake with Aspirin, Fluffy Two-Color Cake.


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