How Do I Peel Avocados?

How Do I Peel Avocados?

To easily peel an avocado, you need to pick out a well-ripened and soft one. Cut it into 2 separate parts with a knife. You can remove the pit by sticking the knife in it suddenly, along its length, and pulling it out carefully.

If the avocado is well-ripened, you can easily remove the flesh by scooping it out with a spoon. Another option is to use the tip of the knife to cut the flesh of the fruit into vertical or horizontal lines - in a grid.

Then press the rind upward so that the flesh comes off and the strips separate from one another. Again, using a spoon or knife, the avocado squares are very easy to cut.

In some countries, they simply take a ripened avocado and squeeze it into their hand so that the pit comes out the upper part of the fruit.


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