Does Coffee Make you Fat?

Does Coffee Make you Fat?

Does Coffee Make you Fat?

Coffee is the most preferred of all refreshing beverages, which a lot of us start our day with. It is also one of the top consumed beverages during diets due to its diuretic effect.

But can drinking too much coffee cause blood pressure and weight problems? In other words, does coffee make you fat?

Here, the answer is not one-sided. On the one hand, the diuretic effect of coffee removes excess water from the body and suppresses appetite but it does contain calories, just like any other beverage.

Depending on how we like to make our coffee, it can turn into a calorie bomb.

A cup of black coffee that has no added sugar, milk, cream or anything else, contains 0 calories but how many of us actually drink our coffee that way?

Adding 1-2 tsp of sugar adds 10-20 calories to your cup of joe. If you pour in full fat milk in addition, and more of it, the calories will rise drastically and suddenly the cup of coffee you're holding will contain close to 400 calories.

Even if you substitute your milk with skim milk, your coffee will remain high in calories. However, if you add just a little cream or low fat milk to your black coffee, your cup will only contain about 70-90 calories, which is within the acceptable limit.

If we had to be honest, drinking coffee doesn't make you fat, at least not a lot. We tend to take in a lot more excess calories and put on pounds from all those delicious cakes and pastries that are traditionally served alongside coffee.


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