How To Thicken Flour?

How To Thicken Flour?

Thickeners give the dishes we prepare a thicker and more complete taste. One of the most used thickeners in the world is the flour thickener.

There are two main types of thickeners - light and dark and they are determined by the degree of coloring in the flour.

The thickener, as its name suggests, is made when the flour is added to a low-heated fat - 120-130 degrees and is fried with constant stirring until it turns light yellow.

How do you get this appetizing color? When the flour is heated in fat or when it is dry heated in a pan or a tray in the oven, denaturation of the proteins and decomposition of the starch occurs.

Due to the high temperatures, the sugars contained in the flour caramelize and give it a light yellow to dark golden color.

With a standard thickener, heat the fat over moderate heat, then add the flour and fry it, while making sure you stir constantly, until you get the desired color.

You can also do the so-called dry flour thickener without adding extra fat in the process. Bake the flour in a thick-bottomed pan, a suitable pan or even in the microwave until it changes its color. It is then used to thicken soups and sauces.


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