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Why Sift Flour?

Why Sift Flour?

Every time we decide to knead bread dough, for Easter bread, for fragrant sweet rolls or various cakes, somewhere on the way of preparation we meet the sentence: "sift the flour with soda or sift the flour with salt."

And while we've probably sifted the flour dozens of times, most of us don't know why the flour should be sifted. Sifting however, is important because it provides advantages in kneading and baking the finished product.

It has been proven that while sifting the flour it absorbs extra air. It makes the dough fluffier. It is especially important to sift the white flour, because it has the property to settle and its particles to stick together.

Experienced housewives know that the flour is sifted not once, not twice, but at least three times, until all the lumps break and enough air enters. You can choose not to sift the flour if additional baking powders have been added, which most definitely must be written on the package.



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