Why Wash Rice?

Why Wash Rice?

Cooking white rice looks like a piece of cake until you try to do it yourself and find out it's actually quite difficult. Rice is one of the products that, although it's not hard to cook, it still requires some skill when preparing it.

In fact, cooking or baking fluffy, firm rice, which grains crumble rather than look like a ball of sticky mass, is a mission possible. One of the most important conditions is to wash the rice carefully.

You have probably noticed that the rice grains are covered with a fine white powder, similar to talc. This is starch which, if not removed, causes the grains to stick and is the main reason for the failure of oven baked pork and rice.

In order to prepare the perfect rice, you need to rinse it in 5-6-7 time in waters until the water becomes completely transparent. Some more tactical housewives, prefer to even soak it in water for a few hours in advance, especially when it comes to brown rice.

An interesting detail is that this rule does not apply to the preparation of risotto. It is best prepared with arborio rice, which is by no means washed from the starch, just so it obtains the unique creamy texture of seafood risotto or the aromatic risotto with chicken and mushrooms.


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