How To Knead A Hard Dough?

How To Knead A Hard Dough?

Kneading dough is an art form, no matter that with these measures and weights it looks more like science. The goal of every housewife is to prepare the perfect soft, medium hard or hard dough and use it to bake cake bases, pastries, savory cakes, different types of bread and more.

In fact, kneading a hard dough is not as difficult as kneading a light and elastic dough. Hard dough is made with a little more flour and a reduced amount of liquid ingredients, as well as after prolonged kneading.

That is why experienced craftsmen advise never to try to knead dough with unmeasured amount of flour. A good tip that can help you is not to add too much flour at once, but gradually until you get the desired hardness of the dough you're kneading.

Even butter dough can become stiff if you knead it too much.

If you still overdo the flour and your dough becomes harder than it should be, it's not a big deal. Excessively hard dough can become soft and elastic again when a well-beaten egg is gradually added to it.

On our site you will find out how to make an Italian pizza dough, donut dough and even an universal dough for pastries and cakes.


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